How Solar PV Power Plant Works And what is net metering ?

When it comes to Solar PV Power Plant,most of us may be curious about How Exactly Solar PV Power Plant works? To answer this question, we don’t need technical background to understand it.When we heard most of technology related to Solar System only water heating technology comes in our mind.But Solar PV Power Plant is actually far different than this. Let us understands How Solar Power Plant Works?

What is solar PV Power plant ?

Solar is free source of energy can be used for various purposes as per various applications when it comes to science and technology. One of the most trending technology in 2022 is Solar PV Power Plant. Solar PV Power Plant generates free Electricity for you using Sun.

Solar Power Plant consist of many things including Solar Module which is the most important component of the solar PV Power Plant. Solar Modules converts light energy from Sun and converts it into Direct Current which is one of the form of Electricity. This solar panels are installed at open space under sunlight can be on your roof,terrace or plot.

Solar Panels are made up of PV (PhotoVoltaic) Technology converts sun rays into Direct current which is we can say another form of electricity we often use. There comes Inverter in pictures, who converts that form of energy into useful electricity we most often use and we can use that free electricity.This is how Solar PV Power Plant works. Now question comes in mind How can we use Electricity in Night ? Let me explain it to through Net Metering process.

What is Net Metering ?

When useful energy is ready to use, it is then used to run appliances in premises and remaining energy is fed back to grid from where we get power supply.

The conventional energy meter can not record the extra energy fed to grid then we need Net Meter to keep track record of extra energy given to grid when sun is available to run appliances.But when sun is not there in Night, to run appliances we need energy which is fed from grid.


The energy taken from grid in night and energy given to grid in day is recorded and electricity bill is calculated.During settlement of bill, if energy given to grid is greater than energy taken then extra Units of electricity is banked to DISCOM & this banked Units can be used for upcoming settlements when energy given is lower than energy take.

If You have Units banked then those units consider at time of settlement and if not then DISCOM chagres utility charges as normal. This process is called as Net metering Process.

With solar PV power plant , you don’t need to switch it on in the morning or switch it off at night – the system will do this seamlessly andautomatically. You also don’t need to switch between solar power and the grid, as your solar system can determine when is best to do so based on the amount of energy being consumed.

In fact a solar system requires very little maintenance,which means you will hardly know it’s there. This also means a good quality solar PV power system will last a long time.Here’s 07 reasons you should switch to solar PV Power Plant.

Your solar inverter, can provide you with information like the amount of electricity being produced at any particular point in time or how much it has generated for the day or in total since it has been operating.

If it seems complicated,don’t worry; Neo Technologie’s expert Energy Consultant’s will guide you through the process of how solar PV power plant works either by phone or visit.

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