• Innovation at Neo Technologies is closely related to an internal software product strategy. The idea is to establish sustainable research activity by incorporating new scientific methods and results into durable software products, which in turn can be the source of revenue supporting further research. Neo Technologies's plan of operation (2011-2015) states that a main goal for the institute is to focus on expertise and core technology in seismic modelling for the petroleum industry by creating new, innovative, software applications.

    Neo Technologies started an activity within method- and software development for micro-seismic monitoring around the last change of millennium. Micro-seismic monitoring is now recognized as an important activity contributing to the operational and environmental safety of underground reservoirs.

    Cooperation with others, including integration with third party software and establishing new companies and activities based on innovation are desired activities at Neo Technologies. Neo Technologies's wholly owned subsidiary Neo Technologies Innovation AS is instrumental in achieving innovative solutions in the market.

    The main objective of Neo Technologies Innovation is to perform marketing and promote sale of software and services, whereby providing funds necessary for continuing method- and software development at Neo Technologies.


  • Annual Studies
    Neo Technologies annual studies analyze and forecast markets for everything from hardware and network infrastructure to software, services, and telecommunications. Unmatched in the industry, our studies deliver segment breakdowns, vendor profiles, regulatory and regional factors, strategic guidance, social and economic context, and how evolving use of IT alters market dynamics. We make sure you have the information you need to stay competitive.

  • Multiclient Studies
    Multiclient studies are custom research projects carried out for a small group of clients. These studies are highly specialized, and give in-depth analysis and recommendations that match client needs. The scope of each project varies, but generally involve extensive primary research and multivariable analysis of technology trends, adoption, and market dynamics.

  • Quarterly Trackers
    Neo Technologies's quarterly trackers deliver timely intelligence you can use to make strategic business decisions. Each tracker is a comprehensive chronicle of changes and developments in the hardware segments. Data can be viewed by country, year, quarter, vendor, brand, shipment, family, technology type, price, etc.
  • Investment Research Services (IRS)
    Investment Research Services provide timely cross-technology global research designed for the investment community, including brokerage firms, money managers, venture capitalists, investment banks, and commercial banks.
  • Subscription Services/CIS
    Whether you need global, regional, or local intelligence on an ICT market, one of our 400+ subscription services can provides it. They deliver steady streams of insight, analysis, and advice throughout the year, ensuring the information you need is at your fingertips. Use our subscription services to lay a foundation for defining a strategic direction that is viewed as both dependable and credible.
  • Global IT Advisor
    Designed for IT Professionals and non-IT vendors whose needs vary across a range of technology areas, Global IT Advisor offers flexible research coverage, global market intelligence and timely delivery.
  • IT Advisory Tools
    Our IT Advisory Tools comprise a growing set of solutions designed to help optimize your technology purchasing and deployment decisions. Neo Technologies is the unmistakable leader in the industry for our rigorous, fact-based approach to facilitating IT decision making. Our mission is to turn your IT expenditures into sound investments.